Big Idea #1

Computing is a creative activity.

Learning Objectives:
1.1.1 Apply a creative development process when creating computational artifacts. [P2]
1.2.1 Create a computational artifact for creative expression. [P2]
1.2.2 Create a computational artifact using computing tools and techniques to solve a problem. [P2]
1.2.3 Create a new computational artifact by combining or modifying existing artifacts. [P2]
1.2.4 Collaborate in the creation of computational artifacts. [P6]
1.2.5 Analyze the correctness, usability, functionality, and suitability of computational artifacts.[P4]
1.3.1 Use computing tools and techniques for creative expression. [P2]



Playing with Sounds and Broadcasting

Experiment with a short snap play
Test Yourself: Go Team!
Test Yourself: Different Ways to Broadcast


Make a movie

Game controls

Moving with the Arrow Keys
Game of Tag
Test Yourself: Detecting a key press


Electric Keyboard

Number Guessing Game

Number-Guessing Game v1.0
Number-Guessing Game v2.0
Homework (due later): Word Guessing

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Choices
Rock, Paper, Scissors