Big Idea #6

The Internet pervades modern computing.

Learning Objectives:
6.1.1 Explain the abstractions in the Internet and how the Internet functions. [P3]
6.2.1 Explain characteristics of the Internet and the systems built on it. [P5]
6.2.2 Explain how the characteristics of the Internet influence the systems built on it. [P4]
6.3.1 Identify existing cybersecurity concerns and potential options to address these issues with the Internet and the systems built on it. [P1]


External Resources


The MapReduce Distributed Computing Pattern


Solving Problems With MapReduce

Getting Started With MapReduce!
Your First MapReduce: A Simple Sum-of-Squares (We did it for you.).
Your Second MapReduce: Alpha, the first word in the dictionary.
What kind of pattern was alpha?
Your Third MapReduce: Love, All the Beatles song titles with the word "love" in it.
What kind of pattern was Love?
Your Fourth MapReduce: WordCount, a count of the number of times words appears.
Extra for Experience: The Fifth MapReduce ... Google, building a Google-like index.

Internet under the Hood

Practice: Traceroute and Whois
Practice: Telnet
Practice: Ping and Speedtest
Practice: Internet and Privacy


Extra Resources


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