All Materials taken from the TEALS Curriculum Repository

CS Unplugged

Binary Numbers

Unit 1: What is computing:

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Draw an Envelope

BYOB (SNAP!) Terminology

Unit 2: Interactivity

Platform Game

Test 1

BYOB Control Flow

BYOB Interactivity

Guess a number (drag file into SNAP!)

Guess a number stored in a variable (Drag file into SNAP!)

Mario Project

Unit 3: Variables and Functions

BYOB Custom Blocks

Truth Table (Drag file into SNAP!)

Counting (Drag file into SNAP!)

Fibonnaci (Drag file into SNAP!)

Pong - Bounce Off Paddle notes

More Simple Functions

Recursive tree

Brick Wall

Basic functions


Count up and Down

Quiz - Variables, Conditionals, Functions and custom Blocks

Pong Project

Unit 4: Algorithms and Data

List Operation Debugging

Grocery List

Quiz 3

Hangman Project Rubric